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Visual Basic 6 Tutorials

Lesson 6 Text Boxes

Here I will teach you thhe basics on how to use a text box and later on you will learn some more advance stuff. First things first go to your components tab and select the text box. Once selected drag it on the form.
Example text box
No that we have our text box we can format it to our needs.
1: Name it.
2: Unless you want it to show text straight away empty the box next to the "Text" Option.
3: Does it need Scroll bars if so does it need just verticle or just horizontal or both?
4: Does it need to be Mulity lined?
5: What Font are you using?
All these options can be change in the properties tab on the right side. These are the very basics of the text box. you will learn more on how to use the text box i.e. coding when we look at the other components.