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Visual Basic 6 Tutorials

Lesson 3 Saving and Loading

When you are coding in VB6 the worst thing to happen is that the program stops responding and it closes. So whats the best thing to do, Save. To save your project you will need to save one or more things. The first is your form(s) then you will need to save the Project and Module(s) if you have any. To do this you will need to press "File" on your tollbar at the top and select "Save Project As" whicl you will get this:
Example saving
Here you can save to a specific area and name your form which is useful if you have more than one form. It will automatically make it so that you can save your project:
Example saving
Which is the same as saving the forms.

When you come back you can load your project in a lot of ways one is to double click your project in the file viewer. Another way is that when you open up VB6 its first menu has three options:
1: New
2: Existing
3: Recent
Example Loading

If you select "Existing then you will see something like this:
Example Loading
All you have to do is select your project to open it.
Well Done you have learnt how to open and load a project.