Welcome to Downloads

Here you will be able to download some of the projects that I have created also I will be putting zip folders of the lessons so that you can use them offline. But some of you may be using this website to help you at school or college and want to do it at home. I have tried to see if I can be allowed to let you download a full copy of visual basic 6 but Microsoft wont let me i'm sorry..

All the downloads are free however if there is something specific you want and if I can get it or do it then there maybe a small cost but everything on here is free.

Some Programs I have made

Here are some games that I have created.

Tic Tac Toe: Download

My Applications.

This is an on screen keyboard with text box that you can save and open text files. Download

This is an advance calculator, that can work out fractions. Download

Example of the Advance Calculator with the Fraction Calculator:
Example part of calculator