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Visual Basic 6 Tutorials

Contents of Tutorials

Tutorials Under Constrution

This part of the website is so that you can look through the tutorials to either learn the whole of Visual Basic or look for certain things. It is done in lessons so the first is getting started then making a basic application. I will use the same application so that everything you would need would be in one place and it will save space on your computer. If you do go straight to a section and you have not created the project you will be able to download them.

Here are the lessons with there names. Some lessons may have more than one part.

    Lesson 11 - Timers
    Lesson 12 - Combo Box and List Box (Under
    Lesson 13 - Egg Timer (Small Project).
    Lesson 14 - Software Development
    Lesson 15 - Using Pseudocode
    Lesson 16 - Data Types
    Lesson 17 - Declaring Varaibles
    Lesson 18 - Math Operators
    Lesson 19 - Built-in Functions
    Lesson 20 - Conditional Statements